Our company offers a VAT refund service for tourists (export outside EU), members of European Union Commission, SHAPE, NATO and different other organizations and missions in Belgium. We did not increase our prices since 2007 and we will not increase them in the next years, the stability is our mission. Here you find info about VAT refund, shops affiliated to our system or you can consult online the status of your documents sent to our address.

1. Export outside EU (taxfree)


Now for VAT payments you can have the VAT quick, without staying in file at the Customs desk. Easy, you do not need to ask a special document, a ticket with some important details is enough. It works in any shop, small or big AND if you leave EU through a belgian airport !!

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2. Consulting (diplomats + doc . 151)


For the documents 151 the persons can check online the status of their reimbursements. It works on any computer, android, ipad, iphone, smart-phone to see the date of the payment. The shops can also dowwnload the E-Certificates issued by Red All, for the period 01-01-2019 until today. For E-certificates older than 1 year plese send a message and we send you the archives.

Verify payments E-Certificate

3. Development


After 15 years of activity, we have decided to stop the reimburseents for the diplomats. We will focus until end 2022 only for the reimbursements of documents 151 and export documents for affiliated shops!

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