info for TRAVELLERS/TOURISTS - The system is ONLY for affiiated shops

DETAX WEBSERVICE - electronical validation by customs for export outside the European Union with personnal luggage

Intended for travellers residing outside the European Union leaving EU through belgian airports with direct flights.

Export period : month of purchase plus three months Purchase amount : more than 125,00 Eur VAT included

Export document : always ask for an invoice = facture or a till receipt mentioning the following details :

- name, address and VAT number of the store, date of the transaction, a unique number, description of the goods,

- total purchase price, indication the amount VAT and/or percentage of VAT applied.

Costs : 1.5% of the purchase price, with a maximum of 20 Eur for a re-imbursement on a IBAN bank account in a SEPA country and 4% of the purchase price up to a purchase price of 4000 Eur.-, with a maximum of 50 Eur.-.

Please register yourself at our website :

https://redallbelgium.azurewebsites.net and upload your documents from any store.

Red All Belgium (RAB) will submit the information to the customs electronically before the date you will leave Belgium through either one of the airports or the port of Zeebrugge. RAB will receive a refusal or acceptance as reply. RAB will then contact the store to obtain the refund of the VAT and, as soon as, we receive this payment,we will re-imburse you the VAT.

Detax Web

3. Development


The solution is ONLY for affiliated shops : IKEA, VANDENBORRE, MEDIA MARKT, TORFS, RIVERWOODS, FNAC

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